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Tray Helper
Tray Helper
Small, FREE, award-winning application with all the stuff you need!

A "must-have" application for webmasters.

Time Adjuster
Time Adjuster
The best and FREE application to synchronize and fix DivX subtitle files.

Free C++ source code

While working around windows software I created a lot of code that could be easily reused. Unfortunely due to lack of time I'm not able to publish even 10% of the most interesting code. But here are some of my works:

 HTML edit control (NEW!)
HTML editi control for VC++ 6.0 equivalent to MFC7 CHtmlEditCtrlBase class. Get the source code.

 RTF to HTML converter (NEW!)
If you want to use in your C++ applications RTF -> HTML engine - it is avalable now! can deliver you full source codes of conversion engine. Package is written in C++ and contains tow demo applications created in Visuall C++ 6.0 (MFC dialog and console based). Get the source code.

Small class that encapsulates changing and quering state of keyboard lights (NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock). Works in both Win9x and NT/XP.

Download source code.

Easy to use control that looks better than the ordinary CStatic (MFC).

Read full article from local server, CodeGuru or CodeProject.

Ever wanted to know position of your tray icon? Windows supiles no API for that. This class is a compact and unique solution.

Read full article from CodeProject.